Network Engineer


Work experience from 1.5 years.
Network Technology Experience:
IP-subnetting, IP routing, static, redistribute, EIGRP, BGP (base), route-map(PBR), QoS, HSPR,NAT, PAT.
VPN (ike v1-v2, ESP), ipsec site-to-site, vti-tunneling, cisco easy vpn, anyconnect.
AAA, FW FailOver, FW clustering.
Switching, dot1q, vlans, VTP, LACP/PAGP.
Cisco Hardware Configuration Experience:
Cisco ISR 2900, 3900, 4200, 4300, 4400 series.
Cisco Switches 2900, 3700х, 9200, Nexus 9000 series.
Cisco Firewalls ASA 5500-X series.
Cisco WLC, AP.
Cisco Software Product Knowledge and Experience:
Cisco ISE.
Cisco anyconnect, VPN.
Сisco Prime Network Infrastructure.


Configuring Network Equipment.
Execution of access requests.
Set up and organize communication channels, including using encryption tools.
Development of network and communication channel plans and diagrams.
Documenting the network infrastructure.

The advantage will be:

Equipment experience:

Senior Camunda Developer


At least 2 years of commercial experience in Camunda application development.
Experience in the design and development of BPMN processes.
Experience in technical guidance and expert level training for the development team.
Programming experience in one of the Groovy or JavaScript languages.
Experience with business and technical teams to identify the need for and implement complex BPMN solutions.

Technical requirements:

BPMN, Camunda, Groovy/Javascript, OpenAPI 3.0/Swagger, REST.


Leadership and analysis of the team.
System design, participation in the construction of architectural diagrams.
Improvement, reengineering of business processes.
Manage the delivery of new versions.
Participate in cross-functional discussions.

Senior Flutter Developer


At least 2 years of commercial experience in developing Flutter applications.
Commercial experience in developing native applications for iOS and Android.
Solid knowledge of patterns and modern development practices of & nbsp; applications for mobile platforms.
Good communication skills.
Attention to detail, the ability to plan work and achieve results.

Technical requirements:

Dart, Flutter, CI/CD, OpenAPI 3.0.


Leadership and analysis of the team.
Initiative in offering technical solutions & nbsp; and responsibility for the result.
Design and implementation of APIs for communication with server data sources.
Creating user interfaces based on prototypes in figma.

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