We value not only expertise, experience and high-speed task solving, but also encourage proactivity, independence and mutual respect. Our team has special atmosphere which is based on friendly relations and the support of colleagues.

Our company is a team of like-minded people who do their work with enthusiasm, putting their heart into it.


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Why us?

We have a lot of team building events

We like to spend time together. For our favorite dates, we arrange parties with photo zones, gifts, games and treats:

  • Corporate New Year
  • Company’s birthday
  • Summer party for employees, their families and friends
  • February 14, February 23, March 8, Programmer’s Day
  • Team building for teams
  • Many small contests and activities

We train employees

We appreciate and fully support urge of our employees to grow, gain new knowledge, exchange experience and improve competencies. Available for the employees:

  • Professional training and skills upgrading at the expense of the company
  • Participation in conferences and meet-ups to exchange experience
  • English language
  • Exchange of experience through mentoring
  • Career development

We favour doing sports

We pay great attention to the sports life of our employees and provide a choice of several sports that you can do after work:

  • Football
  • Kart racing
  • Unlimited gym membership program
  • Regular participation in sports tournaments
  • Parking and showers are available

We give bonuses and gifts for holidays

The company will be happy to share with you the most joyful events of your life and will delight you with pleasant bonuses and gifts:

  • Getting married
  • Giving birth and health improvement of children
  • Assistance in difficult life situations
  • Bonus for recommendation
  • Gifts

We have a great social package

  • Voluntary health insurance
  • Rental housing
  • We offer to choose from one of the 3 benefits of the social package: a life insurance program, annual medical center care or compensation for the costs of tickets, travels, trainings, attending sports and recreation events and other expenses.

We are welcoming junior specialists for internship and practice

For Junior specialists with little work experience, we offer an internship in the company, a reduced working day, if required, and an internship to gain work experience..

Our company has created excellent opportunities for professional realization of specialists in all areas. We strive to maintain a culture of continuous development and adhere to our career development system

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