eMarketplace and Trading platform


A platform is designed for various retail and service-oriented businesses with the participation of the sellers (manufacturers) and the buyers (clients).

Within its framework, eMarketplace enables to access the platform from any device, the ability to configure any non-standard sales process, provides a set of integrations offered in a boxed solution, payment tools, auctions, NFT (blockchain) transactions, as well as a number of additional functions (smart search, chatbot, settings, tips, etc.).

Our solution is not just an ordinary online store. It is a full-fledged tool that can scale your business, help to increase sales and the number of clients.

  • All types of transactions
  • 24/7 support

Trading platform

A system for automating the processes of registration and conducting transactions carried out by the bank using clients payment documents.

The product allows to increase the efficiency of bank departments performing these types of operations under contracts with legal entities, significantly reduce the loss of time on performing functional duties, which leads to the minimization of manual labor, eliminating the duplication of similar operations by different employees and, as a result, reducing the likelihood of errors.

  • Maintenance of clients of individuals
  • Maintenance of contracts
  • Maintenance of accounting

Contact us

Minsk, 3 Akademika Kuprevicha street
Minsk, 1/1 Akademika Kuprevicha street
Brest, 6-1 Shevchenko boulevard

Legal and postal address:
220084, Republic of Belarus, Minsk,
1/1 Akademika Kuprevicha str., room 441

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