Customer Relationship, Product and Personnel Management

We know that every business is peculiar and needs a solution that takes into account, among other things, the functions that will be unique to the company. Our complex solutions are elaborated to the minimum details, have the ability to adapt to specific business needs and are already ready for fast implementation.

Besides, we are always open to new ideas and are ready to make the necessary changes to the software, taking into account the requirements of the business, the necessary functional features and market changes.

Our products


A comprehensive digital platform for sales and servicing. The system provides for a high level of data analysis in order to identify the problems and to form proposals on improvement of the business activity of the company.

The platform combines 8 systems at once: a consolidated warehouse (Warehouse & Inventory), ServiceDesk, an analytical module, an online profile of the counter-parties and merely CRM. This allows you to monitor your business on one screen, connect your contractors and customers to the system, provide first-class service, manage purchases and stock balances in the optimal way and, at the same time, perform all actions on one platform without switching between the systems. SmartCRM also uses advanced technologies to ensure secure access and storage of data

  • Result Oriented
  • User-friendly
  • Control
  • Security & Privacy


Our company offers a new approach to building analytical platforms in the bank – a new-generation reporting and analytical platform START-B.

START-B system combines the requirements of the bank’s management for analytical information and modern trends for Self-service BI systems: information panels, analytical cubes, Slicing and dicing tools, drag & drop graphical interface drag & drop.

What is START-B:

  • Organization of management accounting and reporting, provision of summary information on the bank’s activities
  • Management of the main types of risks: credit, market, liquidity risks, as well as an interest rate risk of the bank portfolio
  • Automation of the process of preparing the bank’s financial statements, as well as consolidated financial statements of the bank and the subsidiaries in accordance with IFRS standards
  • Collection, processing and provision of information in accordance with the requirements of the National/Central Bank
  • RNB/Reporting
  • IFRS/Reporting
  • ERM/Enterprise risk management
  • MIS/Performance management


A product that provides for centralized storage and management of an electronic archive of documents.

Shafa can work not only with images of paper documents and documents in electronic form, but also with documents that are formed during the activity of the enterprise, thereby reducing the costs of the processes associated with the organization and maintenance of an electronic archive.

You can import documents from any systems of the enterprise into Shafa system. Shafa can become a single aggregation point for documents and can store them in the required nomenclature.

You can deploy the system in the basic configuration in one business day. Shafa is ready for implementation, and its complex version contains the function of importing any documents from any systems, three roles (contractor, manager, archivist), as well as working with an electronic digital signature.

Shafa is for you, if you are:

  • An enterprise
  • An insurance company
  • A mobile operator
  • A bank

ST. Consent

User consent management system for personal data processing. The product is designed to simplify the procedure for obtaining the consent of the subject to the processing of personal data, stopping the processing of personal data in the absence of grounds for their processing, as well as to provide the subject with information regarding the processing of his personal data.

ST. Consent allows you to create and perform searches, view and manage the consents of all individuals with whom your company interacts, depersonalize the storage and deletion of information, view analytics in various sections, maintain a single database of all templates, formulations, settings, consent rules.

  • Consents of subjects
  • Security and Auditing
  • Catalog of consents and templates
  • Monitoring and monitoring of deadlines
  • Analytics in different sections
  • Tips, Notifications, and Reminders
  • Creation and verification of consents in automatic mode
  • Integration (API)


A product that automates the activities of the bank in accounting for pledged items.

The subsystem carries out the record-keeping of cards of the pledged items, transactions, revaluations, realizations and debt repayment, as well as conducts inspections of the pledged items and maintains reference books.

Collateral provides for the automation of the full cycle of the bank’s activities with collateralized property, and allows the use of modern technologies for rapid integration of the system into the existing IT landscape of the bank. The administrator also has access to a wide range of system settings.

  • Systematization and statistics of data
  • Integration with other systems
  • Data exchange with accounting subsystems
  • Administration and configuration
  • Collateral management

Funds and material resources

Effective support of internal accounting of both the bank and the non-bank financial institutions.

The subsystem is designed for centralized accounting of fixed assets, intangible assets, stocks, fuels and lubricants, scrap of precious metals, deferred expenses, business contracts, revaluation, inventory, as well as for the formation of accounting entries, reporting forms and statistical reporting.

The software package operates on a modular principle, which enables to support the execution of certain operations in accordance with the requirements of statutory accounting and personnel accounting required for obtaining the reports.

The subsystem structure includes accounting of fixed assets, intangible assets, deferred expenses, inventory items, business contracts and literature. The software package also includes a repository of sample documents, internal audit, international audit and inventory.

  • For banks
  • For non-bank financial institutions


A type of financing the supplier company in the course of selling goods on deferred payment terms, where the claims for unpaid debt arising between the supplier company and the buyer are assigned to a third party: the factor.

Factoring software package automates the full cycle of factoring operations, the transfer of the results on completed factoring operations and the exchange of documents with the clients of the bank or the financial institution.

The complex enables the factor (the bank) to flexibly configure the factoring product in order to offer it to the clients, provides full automation of the electronic document exchange between the legal entity and the factor. The documents are signed with an electronic digital signature in the Internet bank of the legal entities. The product also allows to automate the accounting of factoring operations in the automated banking system.

  • Automation of document exchange
  • Absolute security of processes
  • Full cycle of operations

Cash and securities management

Introduction of accounting systems for securities transactions and for funds usage allows to monitor all transactions and improve efficiency of the relevant departments. Automation of the process of managing the securities transactions and the transactions with monetary assets is possible using the developed systems of our company:

  • Trust management
  • Securities transactions
  • Depository

Salary & Personnel

High-quality automation of personnel accounting, salaries and taxes calculation, as well as arrangement of HR processes within the company in full compliance with applicable legislation. This solution is trusted by the largest enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Our software helps to account personnel and calculate salaries for more than 80 thousand employees.

The product can analyze large amounts of information to the highest standard, which makes it possible to automate the system of data calculation and intra-organizational processes. Salary & Personnel analyzes the organizational structure of the enterprise, implements personnel policy, makes calculations of salaries and other payments, forms the required reports.

Salary & Personnel enables to connect any set of functionality depending on the needs of the client, and is intended for all employees of the company.

  • Many years of development experience
  • Automation
    of operations
  • Credibility from clients
  • Reliability of systems

Credit document flow

A complex solution that automates the processes of applying for, approval, issuance, monitoring of credits (as well as overdrafts and installments) for both individuals and legal entities.

The system enables to work with the receipt and processing of requests from clients of all categories: individuals, individual entrepreneurs, micro-, small-, medium-businesses, corporate clients. Management functionality of the product takes into account the specifics of each segment.

Credit document flow covers the processes of managing applications that have been published in self-service and remote service channels, accepts credit applications and checks the history of the client and the credit applicant in the bank’s information security system, makes it possible to conduct a scoring assessment of the client, process a credit application by forming a credit dossier and coordinate applications by responsible structural units.

  • Integration with external systems
  • Pre-contract processing of applications
  • Application Processing System
  • Credit pipeline

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