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For many years, we have been working with digitalization of business in banking and financial sectors, non-bank credit and financial institutions, retail, telecommunications, oil and gas industry, as well as in insurance and leasing.

Using the most modern technologies to create even more effective IT solutions, we help to make your business truly productive.

Top projects in Belarus, Europe, Central Asia and Azerbaijan

Being a financial company, the client has set a task to diversify its business by discovering a new streamline – neobanking. Having a vast client base, it was decided to build from scratch a fully digital bank in two jurisdictions – the UK and the Bahamas – based on modern technologies.

Our company was selected as the head contractor of a comprehensive project for the development of a digital neobank. Within the framework of the project, not only some ready-made products of the company were delivered, which were part of an integrated solution, but also some individual applications were developed for specific business processes of the client.


Following the launch of the project into commercial operation, the client received a full-fledged platform implementing the digital banking business that provides a unique opportunity for end users to invest in stocks on the largest international stock exchanges.

Modern cloud technologies were used to develop the platform. The solution is built on a microservice architecture to ensure easy scaling in the international market.

Project features

In the course of working on the project, we had to constantly adapt to market changes, since FxPro is a highly client-oriented company. A lot of attention was brought to the details of the interface implementation, therefore, the appearance of the client’s mobile applications has changed several times even before launching it into commercial operation.

To ensure the smooth functioning of business, duplicate business processes with different external service providers were implemented on the platform. Integration with more than 10 external systems providing services that are necessary for conducting business was also implemented.

About the client

FxPro Group Ltd is an investment company headquartered in the UK. The company provides retail and institutional clients with the opportunity to trade contracts for difference (CFDs) in currencies, stocks, futures, energy and precious metals. The company’s offices are located in Cyprus, the UK, and the Bahamas.

Raiffeisen Bank International banking group is constantly developing, offering new banking products on the market and constantly improving internal processes through digitalization and automation, meeting the highest standards of banking services.

Our company is a reliable partner and developer of a number of software products for RBI. One of the implemented solutions was a software product aimed at increasing the involvement of bank employees in doing business by setting and tracking the fulfillment of individual goals.


Modern cloud technologies were used to implement the project. The solution is built on a microservice architecture with the use of cross-platform Flutter technologies designed for mobile application development.

In the course of working on the product, a universal solution was developed that allows users to log in to various banks to perform their business tasks with the required level of security. Following the launch of the project into commercial operation, the client received a fully functioning interbank platform, which, already in the first months after the launch, was used by employees of more than 5 net banks.

Project features

One of the challenges of the project was integration into existing banking solutions, including infrastructure, furnishing the maximum degree of security and using cloud solutions at the same time.

In addition, the task was complicated by the fact that the operation of the solution was planned for all subsidiary banks managed from the head office. To achieve this goal, integration with more than 10 external systems was organized in the process of creating the solution.

About the client

Raiffeisen Bank International is one of the largest Austrian banking groups, a cooperative bank. Its headquarters is located in Vienna. Apart from Austria, the banking group operates in 14 other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, servicing 17,2 million clients.

Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN OJSC was faced with an acute problem of a functionally and technologically outdated remote banking system that required improvements. In order to improve the quality of services provided by the bank, to increase the speed of processing the requests, it was decided that it was necessary to develop a completely new system that meets the necessary requirements of functionality and security and has a modern and user-friendly interface.

Our company was chosen to implement the project. In the process of the productive joint work with the bank, we created a modern multifunctional remote banking system “MBANK” that meets all the necessary requirements.


MBANK is a super-app for servicing bank clients (individuals) with extensive functionality: from using popular financial services to integration with various services. For example, the application provides for the possibility to order and pay for food in shopping facilities through the application.

The solution is based on a microservice architecture and respective approaches to containerization and orchestration of applications.

Project features

To date, the implemented remote banking system “MBANK” is the most popular mobile banking in Kyrgyzstan, which has been downloaded by more than 3,000,000 users on Google Play. The application keeps staying in leading positions in the local ratings of banking products.

In 2022, MBANK application brought Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN OJSC to winning in the nomination “Bank of the Year”, according to #ONEmag.

About the client

Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN OJSC has a developed infrastructure and is a multidisciplinary credit institution that provides credit and settlement services to more than 20,000 enterprises, companies and commercial structures located on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

To date, more than 100 bank divisions, 220 ATMs and more than 1,500 terminals that handle payment cards operate in all regions of Kyrgyzstan.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan had a problem of not being able to promptly provide financial information to users on all aspects related to activities of the bank.

In order to find an effective solution to this problem, as well as to implement a corporate data and reporting storage, the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan has decided to cooperate with our company.

Having the necessary competencies, SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES has been offering its clients various thoughtful solutions in the field of automation of data processing, storage and reporting for many years.


To solve this task, an integrated software of the company “ST.BANK.IT. Analytics and reporting” was implemented. The product has enabled to provide the interested users with reporting and analytical information on all aspects related to activities of the bank.

Project features

Within the framework of the project, a full-fledged data storage was developed, covering the bank’s key business processes with the main reporting modules “Financial Analytics”, “Securities Transactions”, “Republican and International payments”, “Budget Planning”.

The “Budget Planning” module has allowed to automate the process of financial planning and control over the execution of budgets in the bank by solving tasks related to entering, collection, storage, processing and analysis of information at all stages of the budget process.

Thanks to a single-entry point and prompt changes to budget parameters, the module has enabled to conduct an instant analysis of their impact on the bank’s performance indicators for making management decisions.

About the client

The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the main body of banking regulation and banking supervision in the Republic of Azerbaijan which primary goal is to ensure the stability and development of payment systems and banking industry in the country.

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